A Very Scaredy Kat

“OH MY GOSH! THERE IS A SPIDER THE SIZE OF A SMALL DOG ON YOUR LEG!!!!” I exclaimed rather loudly as I watched the mammoth spider crawl up Ed’s leg. This was the beginning of our first Geo Cache adventure here in beautiful New York state. Not quite the best or most fun beginning, but the beginning non the less. So like the total scaredy Kat I am (pun totally intended) I stayed back and let Ed go this one alone. How horrible is that, our first adventure out in the woods and he has to do it alone? The whole time he was gone I told myself that I was going to put my big girl pants on and do the next one, regardless of how many pokey bushes, mosquitos, bogs or unnaturally large spiders there were. And I did just that, not that I didn’t want to quit and turn around because the woods were so dense I was afraid of never finding our way out. Or hyper ventilate due to the Middle Earth size spider webs and hummingbird size mosquitos. My mountain man, bush crafting hero of a husband led us in and out of the dark and damp forest, and I never had to offer up one of my children’s lives in exchange for mine to the many hungry spiders and mosquitos.  So with the exception of Ellis losing his glasses and him and Ed back tracking and trying to find them (to no avail), it was quit the adventure and good time. We ended up completing 5 caches that day, one being our first Grave Yard cache, and just enjoyed being a family and exploring this new land we are in. Sometimes when we walk just beyond the bend the things we find are a little scary and unfamiliar, but how would we ever learn, see or experience new things if we didn’t take those steps.