About Us

We are a family that has endured much adversity. If you are reading this I think you can probably relate. We have had many successes and some failure along the way. Some events in our life have caused us to leave our comfort zone and try things that are new and scary. The purpose of this blog is to chronicle some of these things. This blog will be serious and fun (sometimes at the same time). The timing of this blog is not by accident, we lead a youth ministry for a church in Arizona for 7 years. After seven years we felt lead to leave our home, jobs, and most of our possessions and move to New York. Some people have expressed that they would like to follow us in our journey, so we created this website and are anxiously waiting to see what our Lord is going to do with it. Please feel free to follow along and perhaps see that when you go “Just Beyond the Bend” you are not alone!