Ancient Way of Thinking

             When we speak of the ancients we have a tendency to think that they were not as smart as we are today. This way of thinking is due largely to the concept of evolution, we believe that we are getting smarter and smarter as we evolve with every generation. While I know that we have discovered more in this day and age than ever before I submit to you that ancient technology is no less impressive than modern technology, it is only different.
              Our technology of today can seem miraculous like being able to use a microscope, cell phone, etc. I believe that ancient technology is amazing, do you know what an atlatl is? Just as if someone from an ancient time they would be blown away and feel as though they were a fish out of water, we too if we were placed in ancient times would not be able to live without much training and would never be as good as they were. Some of the things that the ancients learned were from childhood. I am fascinated by the technology of the ancients. I have made a fire with flint and steel, like in Roman times. I do not have the ability, or patience to try and make fire from two rocks. The current humans in this life have some advanced technology as we stand on the shoulders of the generation before we can reach higher into the future, but the ancients would probably become physically ill (literally) at our fast food.
              A very good example of ancient technology is David, as a boy he killed Goliath with a stone and a sling. I have made my own sling and used it for fun. I have done this on and off since I was a kid and I know that I could not hit even a car with certainty, especially while under pressure. David on the other hand picked up five smooth stones from the brook in 1 Samuel 17:40 and confronted his giant Goliath.
              Was David a little arrogant to think that he could take out a giant? According to Wikipedia Goliath was 6 feet 9 inches tall there are varying accounts of his height, but all of them agree that he was BIG. He had bronze armor on his head chest and legs. Goliath had a spear that the Bible states was like a weaver’s beam. The biggest thing that we can take away is that he was a big scary guy! So did David take multiple stones for insurance? There is a belief today in the community of survival, tactical, and bushcraft that two is one and one is none. So maybe David was an early example of this way of thinking.
              I believe the reason that David had five stones was because of 2 Samuel 21:22. If we examine this verse it states that Goliath had four sons. So in addition to Goliath being an impressive military vessel with destructive weaponry there were four others also. I submit that David took not only one stone for Goliath, but he also took one for his sons that may rise up against him after he accomplished his task of removing the giant as a threat.
              So what can we take away from this idea of ancient technology? I feel that we should be aware of the latest and greatest, because that is not always the case. What would the ancients say if they knew that the money of today has no actual value (if you are interested look up gold standard on the internet)? I wonder are we truly more advanced now than we were “In the beginning”?