Be Not Deceived

In recent times I have heard a term that has amazed me. The term is “Fake news”. What is fake news? The only thing that I can see that fake news is, is deception or lies that someone in the media is telling on purpose. This seems to make it clear that Jesus knew what he was talking about  when He said “Be not deceived” Mat 24:4. This points to the possibility that we are going to be lied to constantly and with enough frequency it will be hard to separate truth from lies. A man that helped influence history once said something about not truth, but the opposite, lies. He said Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. I wonder can you guess who said that? It was a man by the name of Adolf Hitler and it seems that he was right. I wonder how many lies we are fed every single day? Of the lies we are fed how many do we look for? It seems to me that some of us spend hours looking for lies to make us feel good. Some of our relationships are based on lies and we sometimes feel as though we die on the inside a little each day.

How many times a day do we ask questions about things that don’t really matter? How many times do we avoid the questions that matter, but are hard to ask? How often are we willing to challenge what we believe? What is truth, do we wonder like Pilate did in John 18:38? I believe that if we look for truth we will find it. We will find the Truth  that John writes about in his book in chapter 14 and verse 6 and the truth will set us free John 8:32. How far are we willing to go to find the truth? Do we actively seek it?

I believe it is important to take charge of what we know. One way to be sure of what we know is by the search of truth, by asking questions. Are we willing to follow the truth wherever it takes us? Some versions of what is are very convincing, but they lack truth. I like the definition of truth that Chuck Missler gives. He says that truth is when the word and the deed become one. I have seen some things that seem like they could be plausible. I have also seen some of the things that seem plausible not stand up under scrutiny. Based on my experience I see what the truth is not. The truth is not something that needs to be hidden. If the truth is brought out it might be painful at first, but in the long run it is better for everyone involved. The truth is not something that can only be presented one way, it can stand up to questions and the details fit together like a puzzle. What if we question what we believe to be true? If we question what we believe are we attacked by those around us? What are we afraid we will find? The truth is not proven because someone is willing to die for it. People die for things they believe to be true all of the time.

I have searched for truth and I absolutely believe that I have found truth in the Bible. I believe the Bible to be truth because of the honesty in it. King David was a man after God’s own heart and yet he stumbled with Bathsheba. I believe the Bible to be truth because of the prophecy contained. I have examined other writings that are said to have prophecy and they do not compare. I have seen some of the prophecies of other books turn out to be completely wrong and others to be disjointed and nonsensical after someone attempts to clarify by spending lots of time trying to explain it. I believe the Bible to be truth due to archeological findings. The places of the Bible and events contained are proven with a good deal of certainty. I believe the Bible to be truth due to the scientific facts that are contained inside of it. I was talking to someone about Jesus one time and they asked me “What about the dinosaurs”. I was informed by them that Christians don’t believe in dinosaurs. I then took them to Job and showed what I believe are descriptions of them. The Bible in Isaiah 40:22 states that the earth is round. I believe the Bible to be truth due to the fact that it says that the Lord has a still small voice in 1 Kings 19:12 because I have heard Him. This is an easy one to try to dispel, unless it is experienced. Of course I don’t have an answer for everything in the Bible it has been said that a God who is small enough to fit in my mind is not big enough to fill my needs. Based off of what I do know to be true I am willing to look for the rest with patience and faith, how about you?