Bloom where you are planted (when He speaks part 4)

What does it mean when a Christian says to bloom where you are planted? What about people who are in search of something? The search could be for happiness, money, success, or a group of other things. Should we stay put? Should we stay put even if we are unhappy?

A personal story

The place that I worked right after my accident was very difficult for me. I was in a very labor intensive job and I wasn’t happy there and I wasn’t wanted there. I wasn’t wanted because I couldn’t do the amount of work that everyone else could. I wasn’t as strong as they were and my abilities were less than theirs also. The job that I did was taking my broken and weak body to the very limits of my ability. I was climbing stairs with heavy loads in my hands and trying not to fall. Stairs are bad for me because I have double vision in my lower quadrant of my eye sight and I also have terrible balance. The people who I worked with didn’t want me there and I didn’t want to be there. The people didn’t want me and I understand because I wasn’t able to do as much work as they could, so they were afraid that I wouldn’t pull my fair share of work. The way that I go down stairs is by having a hand on the rail and closing one eye to get rid of the double vision. The problem with that was the stairs that I would be on were made of expanded metal grating, so I couldn’t tell where the stairs stopped and ended with only one eye open. In short I was waiting to fall down the stairs with a heavy load in my hands. It was a dark time in my life because I wasn’t wanted where I was and I was waiting to fall, or to be fired. I was in a job that was the only one that was available to me, so I knew that God was in it (see the door previous write up). I also knew that I couldn’t keep doing that job because my body was getting in worse and worse shape as we went on. So, in discouragement and fear I cried out to God. I was afraid that I was going to end up back in the hospital and life was going to get harder and I prayed. I told God that I was staying where I was put and that I wasn’t going to leave until He moved me. In my mind it was simple to believe that God wanted me there because it was either work there or quit. If I quit nobody else wanted me to work for them and money we had more debt than income already. As I was praying I was telling God that I was waiting for my exodus out of the place I was working. I encourage using scripture as we pray to God, if you have never done it, it would be good. I think it is good because it helps scripture become more real. I felt the Lord tell me that it wouldn’t be an exodus it would be a rapture. That is exactly what happened. I was told the place that I was working was shutting down in the near future. Within 3 days I was gone. It happened fast and without warning.

Bloom where you are planted.

So what does it mean to “Bloom where you are planted”? From the previous story you can see that I didn’t bloom where I was. I actually didn’t bloom until I left. So does that mean that the Bible is wrong? Well the saying comes from a scripture and the saying is not accurate. The scripture comes from 1 Corinthians 7:20-24 and it states that are to remain in the calling or the state that we were called. In short wait for the Lord to create your openings. We are to remain even if we are unhappy, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, or in pain. We are to stay put right where God put us. We can understand that God put us there, especially if there is only one choice. This is where faith comes in. Some people who claim to follow God, doubt that He exists. If someone doubts that God exists, give faith a workout! See where God wants you and stay put, until He moves, or moves you!

God’s timing is perfect

Often when it is time to make a change God will put a desire on your heart for that change. When you desire it I encourage you to pray and see what God does with it. He might answer the prayer and if He does I bet it won’t be in the way that you expect. Proverbs 3:5 and 6 tells us to trust in the Lord and not ourselves and He will direct our path. One thing that isn’t mentioned in the verse is that God won’t direct our path when we want. God will allow us to have more than we can handle, so we trust in Him and not ourselves.

Faith is essential with in our Christian walk

Hebrews 11:6 states that it is impossible to please God without faith. In John 20:29 Jesus states that those who do not see and still believe will be blessed. Do you believe that you use your faith enough? What could you do to go out on faith more?


So are there places that you are in hurt? Maybe you are afraid? I encourage you to seek prayer from like minded individuals. I encourage you to stay planted until God moves you. I hope that your faith will become a dynamic part of your life.