Doing God’s work

Have you ever watched someone do something for God and it seems that the intention is correct, but something is missing? Have you ever watched someone do something for God and you think you could do it better? What stops you from trying it? I have watched people who are “Doing God’s work” only God doesn’t seem to be involved. I have seen some people not worry about how they will make someone feel, all they want to do is prove someone wrong. I have watched as people take everything that a person believes and try to disprove it and make someone feel torn down. I have also watched people who don’t understand a verse in the Bible and try to explain it. I have seen people steal from others, but because they are “Doing God’s work” it makes it alright. I have seen people talk about how much God is blessing them and then basically talk about how it isn’t enough and they need your help also.

God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.

I agree that the Lord will equip us for everything that He wants us to do. I know that God’s people are people and that we make mistakes. I also know that we have pride and God doesn’t like our pride. Sometimes we think as Christians that God will miraculously give us scripture, or the right word to say, or something else with no effort on our part. The Bible is clear that we are supposed to be ready in an instant with scripture to teach correct someone who is in need. This requires that we study the Word of God. There are times when we might say something and not know where it came from, but we need to try and be ready.

1 Corinthians 13

This section of scripture is known as the love chapter. The basic thrust is that if we don’t have love we have nothing. I believe that is what is missing sometimes when we do something that the Lord wants us to do. I try to check myself sometimes in this area. I am a very factual person and I have a great deal of pride. I need to make sure that I am not in a contest of who is right and who is wrong and just show God’s word with love. I have been really amazed at some of the things that I have told people and they have pondered what I told them. I have also told things to people that shouldn’t be a big deal and it didn’t work out at all. The difference is love. I have to be saying something, doing something and thinking something in love. If I am not it will not work out at all. I encourage all of us to show love as much as possible.

Trust God

Imagine this: someone named Doubt walks up to you and tells you they don’t believe in God. Doubt also tells you that it will be proven to you beyond a shadow of well, a doubt, that you shouldn’t believe either. Doubt then dramatically steps back with eyes closed and says, “God you are in control of everything. You control the sun, moon, and starts. All I am asking you to do is make this light switch turn off, then I will believe.” You can do this at home if you want and more than likely the light won’t turn off. So we are shaken by what Doubt showed us because all Doubt asked for was a simple light to turn off. The worse part is that we are shy about doing what God wants ever again because Doubt’s name has become our name too. Does this prove that God isn’t real? Is the Bible a hoax and untrue? Have millions of people given their lives over to a figment of their imagination?

Well let’s look at the facts. Doubt tested God and gave Him an ultimatum. Basically we are saying in this example that it is necessary for God to take and pass a test or we won’t believe in Him. Let’s take this a step further and say that if God doesn’t do what we tell Him then we won’t believe in Him. Let’s say the light did get turned off. We could say something like, “God you might have turned off a light, or maybe I didn’t pay my electric bill. The next test for you to pass is…” What would the next step be? Would God need to give us a million dollars so we will believe in Him next time? What of a God that we can control through manipulation? Is He still God if we can control Him?

What are ways to trust God? In my opinion we need to do two things, first have a relationship with Him. Trust is for the future, forgiveness is for the past, and communication is for the present. all three of these elements need to be present to have a relationship that is healthy. We need to work on the communication and the forgiveness in order to move to trust. The second part is to believe God’s promises. When God makes a promise to us (the church), not Israel, then see if God keeps it. We can’t read promises to someone else and assume it applies to us. To put this in context the promises that I made to my wife apply only to her. If we trust God we will do what He wants us to do, even if it doesn’t make sense.

God’s timing is perfect

Another aspect of trust is timing. We not only need to do what God wants, but sometimes we need to wait on Him. God has us wait sometimes for specific events. Esther is a great example of God’s timing. She didn’t want to be made queen, but the Lord put her in that position. Each time she took another step in the will of the Lord she had her faith challenged. Esther in chapter 5 had her faith challenged because she had to present herself to the king. If he did not present the scepter so she could touch the top she would be put to death. She mustered up the courage to present herself, even though she feared for her life. The king presented the scepter and saved her life and allowed Esther to do the next step of faith. She then invited the king and Haman to a banquet that she wanted to prepare for them the next day. The whole point of the banquet was to save her people from the slaughter that Haman planned for them. The timing came in because a day needed to be spaced out so the king would be unable to sleep that night. The king had records and chronicles read to him and was reminded that he did nothing for Esther’s uncle Mordecai for helping save the king’s life. At the banquet Esther petitioned the king to save her and her people from the slaughter that Haman was planning. So we can see here that the Lord was doing things in the background to help Esther do what God wanted. Esther still had to prepare by putting on her royal robes and act like the queen that she didn’t want to be in the fist place. God moved and things were done at the right time.

Ambassadors for Christ

Remember when we say that we are Christian, people are watching. They watch for many different reasons, but what is seen should always be consistent. If we are representing God we should act like we are. At the very least we should try to hold ourselves to the same standard that we hold others. Most of the time people recognize hypocrisy in others and fail to see it in themselves.


It is important that we step out in faith for what God wants. Stepping out in faith though isn’t doing what we want and believing that God will bless it. Stepping out in faith is doing what God wants and waiting for Him to bless it. While we are representing God we need to make sure that we can do what God wants in a loving way. What does God want you to step out and do today?