Enjoy where you live

I just wanted to write a quick note to encourage you to explore where you live. We just moved to New York and there is much to see. I am now trying to learn the different plants to see what is edible. I want to see what types of wood are good for carving and firecraft (Where legal of course). These are some of my interests  ( to understand my reasoning look up bushcraft).

Family interests

The picture above features an elephant named Sir she had her 50th birthday and we got to go see it. They put a ceremonial headdress on her and it was really fun. I really enjoy taking my family to see and eat  things that are local. In addition to local attractions my wife and I take our kids camping and have many stories that they will remember.

Play local when possible

Many people go far away from home every chance they get. I encourage people to stay in a local area when possible. If people stay local museums can be experienced which can bring history to life. Travel time is reduced greatly. My favorite reason to stay local is money can be saved, sometimes a great deal of money.


We live in a busy world. Anything we can do to have a good time and save money is important to me. I want my children to be able to have many good memories. I have learned that good memories and spending money are not always the same thing. Who knows going just beyond the bend might be down the street!