How is Your Confidence?

Many times I have come into contact with someone who has confessed to me that his or her confidence is nonexistent. Sometimes when we feel like we are struggling with our confidence it is because we are comparing ourselves to others. What if we compared ourselves only with ourselves? If we are able to look back at our lives and see where we were with an honest look more often than not we will see that we have grown and changed and improved in some areas that we live. If we can’t remember where we were on that particular item in the past what would happen if we asked someone that we trusted about where we used to be? If there is an area where we aren’t satisfied then what if we took note came up with a plan to change that area and tracked our progress? Often times when we look at our accomplishments we can see that we have indeed accomplished things that we have set out to do.

2 thoughts on “How is Your Confidence?

  1. What an amazingly perceptive and in depth assessment of life and what it can be. The road not taken will always leave questions unanswered and I have to applaud your courage and dedication! I wish you success as great as your love!

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