“In a Little While”

I was preparing for Sunday and just wanted to write a quick discovery that I noticed. The passage that I am going to teach on is John 16:17-33. The Title will be “In a Little While”.

Our Lord opens and says “In a little while you will not see Me, in a little while you will see me”.

The passage continues where the disciples are trying to figure out what that means. Imagine that the Disciples are confused and scared. Some of these guys have given up everything to be with Jesus and now He is leaving. I think some of us can relate because we have given things up as well. Some have given up families, friends, pleasure, jobs, material security, and possibly even wealth. Imagine if Jesus told you that he was leaving you, how would you feel? (Praise God for the Holy Spirit he left behind right?)

Verse 20 is where the power is though He says that the disciples will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice and we will be sorrowful. This is a common theme in scripture that there is sorrow and pain. Jesus felt it when dying for our sin. We feel it because of our sin and other reasons as well. That isn’t the power yet. The power comes in the last part where our Lord says that our sorrow will be turned to joy!!!

That’s the key that is what makes a 60 year old woman kneel on broken glass and be beaten while she is being told to deny Jesus. She refused to do it! It is the joy. Joy is supernatural and is so much more superior to happiness. In order to be happy we need to be given something. In order to be joyful we need Jesus and with it we can endure a difficult marriage, being persecuted, addiction, and pain.

Verse 32 is where the Lord states that after the joy there will be more sorrow. The sorrow will actually be harder than the last one. There will be joy after that and it will be better than the last one also. I tell people this often, the Bible doesn’t promise that you will have less problems when you follow Jesus. In many ways you will have more problems. The difference is you won’t be alone.

I have had much pain in my life. I have also had joy unspeakable, I encourage you today if you are feeling sorrow the joy is coming!! The Lord will see you through. Faith is what helps us get through Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. It is substance and evidence, real and tangible and we know it when we see it. What do you see today? Is the Lord pursuing you? Trying to fix it ourselves often makes the issue worse, some of us have seen that already. WE DON’T HAVE TO GO THROUGH IT ALONE. Thanks so much for reading this and I pray the Lord blesses you with a new freedom in Him.