Praise God for you

It always humbles me when I teach God’s Word and people listen. It humbles me because it is a massive charge. I know that what I say can affect the hearer and potentially everyone that person comes into contact, from that point forward. It humbles me after that because in addition to the first reason, the hearer came back. That means they know how I teach and they allow me to do it again.

The things that I write here are no different. In a sense I am bearing my heart to you and let you read some of what makes me who I am. I have shared both pain and triumph with you and you keep coming back. I want to thank you because today is the largest day of traffic this site has ever had. That just blows my mind. I thank you for coming back and reading each time that you do. I thank you for telling others about this site and so on. I am truly blown away that anyone reads what I put. I hope something that has been written, either what I wanted to put, or what I felt God wanted me to put blesses you.