Prayer (a guide)

How is your prayer life? Has there ever been a prayer request that you have had and didn’t ask? Maybe at one time you did ask and someone used the information against you. I feel the Lord wants me to do a write up on prayer. I feel that I am supposed to ease guilt and show one way to ask for prayer. I also feel that I am supposed to show that there are indeed times when the Lord won’t hear our prayers. As I teach God’s word I find a great many people who don’t pray, because they don’t know how.

When I pray how should I speak?

Some people don’t feel comfortable praying especially in front of people because they don’t know how to speak to God. I have seen some people speak as though they are reading the King James Bible. I have seen some people pray the same thing over and over. It seems that some people pray from a script to the point that it sounds rehearsed. Now if you pray like you are reading a script here is something to consider. We are speaking to the Lord and He is listening. 1 John 5:14 tells us that as long as we are asking according to God’s will he hears us. This also brings up a good point the purpose of prayer is to change our mind, not God’s. If God is listening I would encourage you to speak to someone who will answer you and not a mindless idol. If you choose to speak to God in a certain way then that is between you and God. Romans 14 tells me that I shouldn’t judge you for the way you speak with God as long as scripture isn’t violated. If someone feels more formal praying in Greek (the original language of the New Testament) fine. If someone believes they are better than me or more holy than I am because they know a different language than I do, that is where judgement comes in and judgement is a sin.

Does God hear all prayer?

The verse that I cited in the last section states that we need to pray according to God’s will. There are times when scripture states that our prayer won’t be heard by God at all and I feel that it is important to know that. 1 Peter 3:7 tells us that husbands need to honor the wife, or our prayers will be hindered. Proverbs 21:13 tells us that we need to take care of the poor. There is more than just two verses, I just wanted to make the point that God sometimes doesn’t hear our prayer. If God doesn’t hear our prayer it is as we can see, a result of our sin.

Does God answer the prayers he hears

2 Corinthians 12:7-10 shows God answering a prayer, only that no is the answer. Sometimes we feel that because God isn’t answering our prayer that it is something we did or didn’t do. Was there a certain word that I didn’t use? If I spoke to God in Greek would He hear me then? As long as God is hearing our prayer there are only three answers that are possible. The possible answers are yes, no, and I will do that later. It is important that we understand that no is a possible answer. I mentioned 1 John 5:14 before and it states that we have to ask according to God’s will. God’s timing is also perfect, so we might be praying for something that we aren’t ready for yet. This means that He has to agree with us and do our request when he is ready, so we have to trust Him.

How do I ask for a prayer request safely?

If we have a prayer request does it mean that we aren’t being a good Christian if we don’t reveal maybe embarrassing facts or sin to just anyone in the name of asking for prayer? Are there ever people who want to know prayer requests and are really nothing more than a gossip? Let’s examine scripture to see what it says. Psalms 118:8 tells us not to put confidence in the flesh. In either words don’t trust people, not even yourself. If you promise yourself that you won’t do that sin again, you probably will, accountability is needed to help remove some sins (see James 5:16). We are praying to God and God knows our heart, so He knows what you want already. It is important to ask for prayer because it let’s people know that there is a struggle, disaster, sin or something that you don’t want to deal with alone. If you just simply ask someone to pray for a sin that you are struggling with in your life, that is good enough. If you just mention someone who is struggling with a substance, it could be you, it could be someone else. A seasoned Christian will rarely ask for more details than you want to give. It is also important to have people pray with you so they can see God move. If you ask people to pray for you it is good to tell them that the Lord answered the prayer. Sometimes we can reveal the prayer request after the prayer is answered and if we can it helps everyone’s faith to grow. It is also a great time to celebrate in the body of Christ. Remember, you aren’t supposed to trust people. Jesus knew what was in the heart of people and loved us anyway!!!!

How do I ask for prayer request on this blog?

If you desire us to pray for you, please tell us. You just told me not to trust anyone, Ed. Yeah I know. You can put a general please pray for this in the comment section of the prayer for that day. You can email me through this page in the contact us section. My wife and I are the only two people who see that email. You can reach us on Face book. I have Google plus, Twitter, Tumblr, also but am still working on getting proficient with social media. Some of you know us and our numbers haven’t changed either. Remember you can be as specific or as general as you would like. I also tell people that I have Brain Damage, most of you know the story. Due to my TBI I won’t remember what you tell me when we are done praying about it anyway! I am only kind of kidding about that just so you know.

If I ask for prayer does it matter?

I have already mentioned some of the reasons that it is good to have people pray for you. If you have people pray for you from this blog that is a good thing. There are people who come here only to read the prayer requests that I have put down. James 5:16 tells us to confess our sins to each other. You will know someone who is good to do that with because they will confess things to you also. It also states that prayer from someone who is righteous avails much. So yes it is important to ask for prayer and you can do it without putting yourself into harm’s way. If you do ask for prayer, God can still say no. If God will tell Paul, no, I’m sure he will tell us, no.

One reason that I wrote this is because I feel that there are people who want to ask for prayer, but won’t/ can’t/ don’t know how. It is truly up to you if you ask, just know that you aren’t alone in struggle or pain.