Prayer requests 2/10/18

I am writing today with pleasure on my mind (not the way it sounds, trust me). Why do we have pleasure? I don’t believe pleasure is bad or wrong, when we recognize it for what it is. Pleasure is a gift not a requirement. I hope that you will join me in prayer today about this

Lord I come before you into the throne room of grace and I praise you for allowing us to have pleasure. I am sorry for when I make it my god and it replaces you. I pray that you forgive me

I lift up marriages that are hurting from this whether from excess or lack.

I lift up addictions that have come about from this whether is is substance, something that we look at, something that we covet, or something that we eat.

I lift up pleasure that people confuse with love. I pray that we are able to distinguish when we aren’t feeling pleasure that it doesn’t mean that we aren’t loved.

I pray Lord that we are able to get rid of resentment for others who seem to have pleasure when we feel a lack of it.

I pray Lord that we are able to deny ourselves pleasure in the form of sin to give you pleasure in the form of righteousness.

I pray Lord that we are able to have the courage to get out from the bondage of addiction that has resulted in a quest for pleasure.

I pray Lord that we are able to seek you and study your Word to experience super natural pleasure.

I lift up pleasure when it is a lie and we are experiencing a false life from it.

I pray that you convict us of our desire for lustful pleasure so we can save a marriage, model life for a child, save a job, or just experience a life closer with you.

I thank you Lord for your patience, you never yell at me, and you love me. You love me even when I stumble. In Jesus name (John 14:13) I pray Amen.

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