Prayer requests 8/18

Matthew 24:4 states that we are not to be deceived. I believe deception is going on that has an agenda and a deliberate purpose. I have lived in Arizona for much of my life and now am living in New York and I don’t believe there is as much Racism as the media is telling us. So I lift up the truth and wait for it to set us free. On the other hand I know that hate exists and I pray that the love of Christ will be shown by His people.

I ask that we lift up pornography and the men and women who are addicted to it. I ask that we focus on the toll that it takes on marriage. I lift up how easy it is for children to get it in their possession as well. My wife just had two friend requests today on Face book by women who were topless and soliciting. I jokingly replied to my wife that I believe that was intended for me. The joke is a sad one because they are targeting people and making them into merchandise.

I ask that we pray about marriage. The divorce rate is terrible and children are suffering. I know some children who were thrust into the role of an adult. These children are neither equipped for this nor are they emotionally ready for what will follow. I pray that adults will do what Jesus would want them to do more often.

Finally I lift up God’s people I will open my heart a little bit and tell you that I struggle with what church has become. I feel too many pastors are worried more about attendance and less about God’s Word. I ask that you help us to pray that Pastor’s will revere the Word of God and teach sound doctrine. I pray that God’s people will get involved with shaping this country. I pray that as a body we write our members of government and protest some evils in our society, like abortion. I also pray that members of the body will get together even more than they do now and pray corporately about things that are a pressing need for individuals and groups of people.

I wrote this based off of how I felt the Lord lead, I won’t tell you if I read it or am wanting you to pray for someone directly (It doesn’t matter anyway because God knows) this way I hope people see that first and foremost prayer is powerful and second your prayer requests are sacred to me and I won’t share any specifics unless you tell me that I can.