Prayer requests 8/20

The prayer requests that I have for today:

I pray that the Holy Spirit is understood. I taught today on His role and how John 16:7 states that Jesus himself said it was good that He was going away. Jesus said that the Helper wouldn’t come unless He left. Jesus also said that the Holy Spirit will speak on what he hears in verse 13. One thing that came up is that people often don’t want to hear from the Holy Spirit because they don’t know what He will say. It seems that some people misunderstand what the Holy Spirit does. He is going to tell us what He hears and what is to come. If we don’t know what is coming we can’t prepare.

We are in uncertain times please pray with me that we will understand the Holy Spirit and how to hear from Him.

Please pray that people will learn how to hear from the Holy Spirit.

Please pray for our President.

Please pray that our country will love each other

Please pray for pastors to not be jealous of church attendees. My hope is that churches join together so we the body of Christ can be more effective.

Thank you for your support.