The Door (When He Speaks part 3)

Well I wanted to give our big Big BIG news!! We close on our house tomorrow! That is amazing! It is great for us, because we get to start our life. It is great for our friends because they get their life back! It looks like God might have opened a door for us. We weren’t supposed to close until Tuesday, after the holiday weekend. We were called yesterday at like 3:00 PM and told that our house was going to close Friday. This is huge because we have the weekend to move our small U Haul trailer in to the house. The Realty company also has a moving truck that wasn’t available until 3 days after we closed. The moving van became available for Saturday, which means that we can close our house and get moved in on this holiday weekend. I mentioned that it looks like God opened a door. So what about doors?

The door is opened or closed

“And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write,

‘These things says He who is holy, He who is true, “He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens”:

The big take away from this is that Jesus is the Lord of the door! If the door is shut then there is not one who can open it.

I only got my associates in college. It took me five years to do it and it hurt me to get it. It hurts when I have to think on things that require a great deal of thought. As an example Geometry is nearly impossible for me, when my son has questions, I know it’s going to be a bad night. Well there was a time when I was trying to get my bachelor’s degree. I was trying to be on a co-op in my area and it kept falling through. I was close to getting my associates and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get enrolled for my bachelor’s degree. The co-op would get cancelled or something else would happen that would cause something to fall through. One day I kind of broke down because I have struggled with my situation ever since I woke up from my accident. You see, I don’t know my purpose. There might be some who can relate now with that very thing, I didn’t know why I was still alive. So I told my wife (I don’t remember saying this) that I felt like I was trying to force my way through a door and there was someone on the other side trying to close it. My wife told me that maybe I was supposed to let the door close. So, I did. I went ahead and got my associates degree.

I envy people who know what they want to be when they grow up because that isn’t me. I don’t seem to fit in anywhere. I don’t feel like I fit in at church, or the world. I am conscious of my awkwardness. I feel like I’m pretty fair at what I do, only there isn’t a name for it. I went into college in the first place to try and make myself marketable. After my accident nobody wanted me to work for them for any reason. I really didn’t have any skills left because most of my abilities were taken down to nothing or close to it. I wasn’t even crazy about going to school, I went to try and get something that would make people decide to hire me. The plan was to become a teacher and there I was unable to complete it due to the door being closed from the other side. We decided that I wouldn’t get my bachelor’s degree. That was really a huge step of faith for us. Even now when I read job descriptions it almost always includes a bachelor’s degree. I have now moved to a new area and am getting ready to see what God is going to do with me and my associates degree having self!

My wife had a chance to get a job that she felt that she wasn’t qualified for. The first time that the job became available she didn’t even apply for it. Shortly after she didn’t apply the position came open again and I told her that I believed the Lord opened the door and that the position was hers to take. She applied and got it! The job was difficult at times, but the growth that has taken place in her since that time is nothing short of amazing.

So as you can see we base many of our choices off of doors and if they are open.

I see only one door.

Many times in my life I have seen only one door. One door gives me comfort where some people might become afraid and uneasy. The reason for this is because I am sometimes, let’s be nice and say I need things blunt. If I have only one choice for something it is good for a very simple reason. Jesus said that He is the door John 10:7. I feel that the Lord is in something if there is one choice. We can do it or not. Our move here to New York was simple because it was the only choice that we felt that we were given. One door is comforting for other reasons also. There is only one door to salvation, His name is Jesus. When God flooded the earth there was only one way for anyone to be saved. They had to go through the one door of that ark Gen 6:16. When there is only one door that is the Lord. The one door is sometimes scary, sometimes, hard, and many times we don’t want to do it. The one door is a good thing.

Can the Lord make a wall so big that He can’t break it?

I have heard this question asked before. I know that there are doors that He can’t break Rev 3:20. That door is the human heart. We have to let Him in. Think about that He is the Lord of the door, yet, he knocks on our heart. The Lord doesn’t force us to do His will. The Lord doesn’t force us to open our heart. He opens doors and He shuts them. When the Lord moves a door it is for a good purpose. Is there a door the Lord is closing in your life? Are you fighting Him? Is there a door that you dread Him opening? Is it possible that the door that I’m asking about would help you get just beyond the bend?