What are your Goals and/or Dreams?

              In a previous write up I gave my thoughts on dreams and goals. I mentioned the difference that I saw between them. I also mentioned how when we were younger many of us had dreams and as we got older they slowly went cold. It seems to me that many people feel that they are afraid to have dreams and goals due to the feeling that there is no point and that they will never be reached. This is precisely why I did the write up in the first place.
              I am wondering what some of your dreams and goals are? I would love it if you put in the comment section what your dreams or goals are this time. It seems to me that one of the major obstruction to having dreams and goals is the feeling of hopelessness. If we only believed that we could do these things then we might be willing to try. If we felt that these things were possible then we might invest our time into trying to make the thing that we are trying to accomplish successful. The interesting thing with this concept is that we will try harder the more successful we feel and the more successful we feel the harder we will try. In light of this it seems that the most important step we can make to any change we would like to see is to begin.
              As we are looking at hope and success what if we asked ourselves what we would accomplish if we believed that whatever goal that we had was possible. What about finances, weight, education, marriage, and anything else we could think of? Most times there is something to just getting started. Sometimes we see that all we had to do was to get started. If we come to a point where we don’t know where to begin we just need an idea from someone who has possibly been there. If we share what our goals are in an anonymous setting like this we can be heard without fear of feeling overly exposed. So I am wondering what goals YOU have. If you haven’t thought of it in a while this might is a good time to start.