What is church?

When people say church what do they mean? Do they mean the building, or the people? Romans 12:4-5 states that we are the body of Christ. We are one part inside a whole body. What part are you? When you go to church do you mean the building? When you are around other believers I submit to you that is the body. I have seen church buildings be sold for book stores, music shops, etc. Has the concept of a church building failed us? If we feel that we can only worship in church then what of the days that we aren’t in one? When some of us go to church we act differently. Some of us won’t set foot in a church because of some pain that was caused in one. If we won’t set foot in church we feel that we are out of God’s reach. I encourage all of us to examine how we feel about church. Is church a building or the body of Christ? If church is a building it is over as soon as service ends and we go home we are done. If church is the body of Christ then we aren’t done until the body dies. The body of Christ can’t die because Christ is eternal.

What if we had a church without a building? What if believers from all over could fellowship and be in contact with each other? What if church was in a home? What if the money that goes in to a building is instead used to pay for bibles, operations, food, etc.? What if we realized that WE are the church?