When He speaks Part 2

After we hear the voice or get the idea that isn’t ours what next? It is always a great idea to make sure that it is indeed God who is giving us the message. There will be others who try to speak as though they heard something from God and it is important to get confirmation that it really is the Lord. This is the second installment of When He Speaks, please make sure you refer to the first one.

Two or three witnesses

I know that we are subject to doubt with the idea that God will speak to us. The doubt can really come in when we hear the internal voice, or get the idea that isn’t ours. I am unsure how to put it because different people would describe the same thing differently. The Bible introduces a concept of witnesses in Deuteronomy 19:15. 2 witnesses are needed to convict someone of a crime. 2 Corinthians 13:1 Paul states that he is visiting for the third time and everything must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. In John 8:17 Jesus Himself states that in the Jewish law the testimony of two witnesses is true. Even in our court system the testimony of one witness is much weaker than the testimony of two or three. The main point that I would like to be taken away is that two or three witnesses makes a matter true according to the Bible. With each witness it becomes harder and harder for coincidence to be possible.

How do we know if that it is God who is speaking inside of us?

Many will tell us to, “Listen to our heart”. This is not biblical, Jeremiah 17:9 tells us that the heart is deceitful. Instead we need to listen to God and if we are saved the answer may still come from inside. So if we get the idea that isn’t ours or the inner voice as some describe it how do we know it is from God? The answer is the witnesses prove it. When multiple people who have no relation to each other tell you the same thing, these are witnesses. When scripture confirms what people are telling you, these are witnesses. An example of scripture might be that you are contemplating a move and you read something that speaks to you about the move. When my wife and I see something that is different in our life we begin to pay close attention. I have given the story for us to move to New York before so I will be brief. I had the desire to move for health reasons, my wife and I had the desire to move just because, I felt lead to come up with a plan to help us be more financially independent within two years, someone got in touch with my wife that lead to them asking us to move to New York and we started considering it. While we considered it we have had people who were not for the idea of us moving have a change of heart because of what God told them, other people have told us about dreams that they have had that involved us starting a church. We would go to random places and people would always have something on, be speaking about, or see something connected to New York. We have certainly been blessed during the move also. Some of the blessings were the trailer that we rented was a cheaper rate, we have received discounted services for certain things that we have needed while buying a house, and we have had a family generously open up their home and we have all gotten along really really well while we wait for our home to be ready. If people who have no way of knowing start telling you the same thing, I hope you pay attention. If you are considering doing something for the Lord, I encourage you to look for witnesses to get your thoughts confirmed. It will happen enough that you won’t be able to call it coincidence.

The confirmations just kept coming up and the doors kept opening. The next time I will write about the significance of doors.